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The Drop White CAN 250ml


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We tried the The Drop White Wine Cans and all we could think was beach, towel, The Drop, lobster roll. Not necessarily in that order. It was properly chilled, with floral fruit, bright and oh-so inviting. The college daughter and friends got very excited when they saw the photo… It’s been talked about by the likes of Time magazine, USA Today, Food Network and Martha Stewart. And now, Wired For Wine. It’s part of a very fast-growing trend towards alternative packaging for wine which doesn’t show any signs of slowing. It’s in a can, so there’s no spoilage or breakage, perfect for picnics, cookouts, the beach, the lake, glamping…and it’s a fun package that’s better for the environment with less materials to recycle. Admit it – it’s fun to drink out of something cute. Our verdict: Drop it while it’s hot…or cold.

Winery: “This White is all about Fresh – just picked fruit and freshly cut grass mixes with an acidity that slaps you across the face like you just got fresh yourself. Buttery is for popcorn. Perfect for beaches & lakes, planes, trains and boats, music venues & sporting events, tailgating & picnics, hotels & rooftops.”

We’re a wine company that respects the past – the players, the style, the grapes! But the past has passed and life got fast. (The answer was never at the bottom of a bottle anyway.) So we twisted tradition, bent wine to our will and put it in a can. Let’s forget the corkscrew without being screwed. Finally, a wine packed to keep up with us…

The breaking wave on our can represents what surfers call “The Drop”; the make-or-break decision to paddle directly into a wave as it’s breaking behind you…when you’re 100% in or you wipe out…the moment when everything is possible. We are inspired by those who chase The Drop.”

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