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Rosso di Valtellina 2011.


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Southern Piedmont has cornered the market as well as our collective experience of Nebbiolo. Most people do not know that Nebbiolo is grown in regions other than the hills of the Langhe (Barolo and Barbaresco) and that there are great renditions of the grape made in northern Piedmont and even in Lombardy. Known locally as Chiavennasca, Nebbiolo grows along the Adda river that flows along the border of Switzerland and connects the best villages for red wine: Grumello del Monte, Sassella, Inferno, and Valgella.

Fratelli Bettini has been making wine along the north bank of the Adda River (where the all the Superiore vineyards are found) since 1881 and are one of the few properties that produce cuvees in each one of the four sub-zones of Sassella. This Rosso di Valtellina is a blend of 90% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca), 10% other local grapes (Pignola, Rossola, Pinot Nero, Brugnola). Valtellina Nebbiolo is much more refined and delicate than most Langhe Nebbiolo of the same price.

Flavor Profile: Lighter-bodied, dry. A light dusty nose of well aged red fruit followed by a medium palate of cherry, earth and touches of dried flowers. The refreshing finish shows balanced acids, grainy tannins, and light tar notes. Definitely a wine for Pinot lovers! Pair with lean red meats, aged cheese cheeses, potato and cheese dishes.

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