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Mayer Landhaus Gruner Veltliner


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Few wine producing regions boast stronger momentum in the marketplace than Austria, and Gruner-Veltliner is certainly the main driver of that inertia. This delightful white grape has made a name for itself with wine aficionados and casual consumers alike with its crisp, cheery personality. Lovingly referred to simple as “Gruner,” wines of this grape have similar broad appeal to Sauvignon Blanc, but with none of the latter’s drawbacks. Landhaus Mayer illustrates this masterfully: there is all the snappy freshness Sauvignon lovers crave, but none of the oft-overpowering citrus or tropical fruit. Moreover, the tart, bracing acidity that sends some reeling is softer and more integrated. There is something here for lovers of fuller-bodied whites as well in the form of an unctuous, robust presence. Landhaus Mayer Gruner-Veltliner brings with it especially autumnal allure, replete with distinctive fruit character of green apple and Bosc pear and pronounced white pepper spice. It’s not often we come across a wine of such versatility at such a tremendous price! $13.99 Food Pairings: Spinach and Ricotta Crepes, Steamed Asparagus with Almond Slivers, Seared Garlic Chicken Pierogis

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