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Dolcetto D’Alba Crottino Giribaldi 2013


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Dolcetto d’Alba is one of seven Dolcetto-focused DOC wines produced in Italy’s north-western Piedmont region. The wine is named after the grape from which it is made and the area where it is produced. It is considered the most notable of the Dolcetto classified reds, thanks to the considerable number of quality producers in the vicinity.

Dolcetto d’Alba
The coat of arms of Alba
Granted its DOC status in 1974, the production zone encompasses the Langhe hills east of Tarano around Alba, including 25 communes in the province of Cuneo, as well as the commune of Coazzolo in the province of Asti. Some of the vineyards also overlap those of Barolo and Barbaresco. The vines are planted on slopes with sandy, calcareous and tufa-rich soils where the Dolcetto grape thrives.

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