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Lido 1932 Muller Thurgau 2014


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Alto Adige (or Sudtirol to the German-speaking two-thirds of its inhabitants) is a wine-producing province of farthest northern Italy. It constitutes the northern half of the Trentino-Alto Adige wine region (the southern half being Trentino). Immersed in the Southern Limestone Alps, Alto Adige is bordered by Veneto to the east, Lombardy to the west and the Tirol region of Austria to the north.

Stretching up to a latitude of 47 degrees north and altitudes of well over 10,000ft (3050m), Alto Adige is a region of topographical and climatic extremes. The region’s key vineyard zones trace the north-south path of the Adige river, and are planted on the valley floor and the slopes above, many of which are incredibly steep. They run from Merano in the north down to the provincial border with Trentino in the south. Also significant is the Isarco river valley (Eisacktaler), which runs north-east to south-west and feeds into the Adige at Bolzano.

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