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Imperian Plum Brandy


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Serbia is a country in the south-east of Europe, geographically the largest of the former Yugoslav states and still the most productive in wine terms.

Like the Republic of Macedonia, its southern neighbor, Serbia is landlocked. It has no fewer than eight international borders, or potentially nine, depending on whether Kosovo is treated as independent. It lies between the northern latitudes of 41 and 47 degrees, placing it comfortably within the ‘Wine Belt’ – the latitudes within which quality viniculture is deemed practicable. In Western Europe this location corresponds to the area bounded by France’s Loire valley in the north and Spain’s Duero (home to Rueda and Ribera del Duero) in the south. In terms of topography, the land is quite varied, rising from 200ft to 7055ft (600m to 2150m) across the country. The greatest contrast is between Vojvodina province in the north, which lies entirely within the Central European Pannonian Plain, and the southernmost Carpathian Mountains in the east.

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