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Big Canary Pinot Noir 2015


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Our family traces our winemaking history back to the 1880’s when our great, great grandfather Salvatore Scotto was an officer in the Italian Navy on the island of Ischia, off the coast of Italy. Salvatore made wine not only for his family but also for friends and neighbors. In 1903, my great grandfather Dominic Scotto and his family immigrated to New York and settled in Brooklyn brownstone, not far from the docks where he worked as a ship’s caulker. He taught his sons to make wine, which they sold in five gallon crocks from his horse drawn wagon. In 1909 he opened D. Scotto Wines in downtown Brooklyn, offering customers fine wines from around the world. My grandfather’s wine career started in 1934 with the repeal of prohibition when he began selling gallon jugs of his father’s homemade red wine from a pushcart. He and his oldest brother Sal also created Villa Armando brand, and the best selling type, “Rustico,” the Italian word for rustic. Today it’s one of the oldest wine brands in the U.S. and has filled more than 200,000,000 glasses with traditional red wine. My father Anthony Jr. started in the family’s wine business when he was a teenager and eventually became a winemaker, winery owner, exporter and consultant, so I guess there’s some Villa Armando in his blood too! Today my brothers, sister and I are 5th generation vintners building a family wine business for future generations. We still produce Villa Armando, along with newer brands like Lodi Avenue Cellars that we sell domestically and overseas. We appreciate the importance of our wholesalers, brokers, retailers, on-premise and export partners, so we focus on building these long term relationships. We hope you’ll enjoy our wines and share them with your family and friends, like our family has done for five generations.

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