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Armagnac Marquis de Puysegur


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Armagnac is a highly aromatic brandy from the Gascony region of far south-western France. Armagnac was France’s first brandy and is said to date back more than 700 years, to the early 15th Century. If accurate, this makes Armagnac one of the oldest distilled spirits produced anywhere in Europe.
Despite its long history, Armagnac is often confused with (and compared with) its more famous cousin Cognac. On the surface the two are really very similar: they are both wine-based spirits (eaux-de-vie de vin) from southwestern France, produced in essentially the same way and from similar grape varieties. But there are subtle, vital differences between the two, which are the source of great regional pride.
The two most obvious differences between Armagnac and Cognac are region of origin and flavor profile. Armagnac comes from Gascony, 75 miles (120km) southeast of Bordeaux. Cognac comes from the Charente, 60 miles (100km) north of Bordeaux. Armagnac is more deeply flavored, weightier, earthier and darker. Cognac is slightly lighter, finer and fruitier.

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