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Dama del Lago Tempranillo 2016


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Dama del Lago Tempranillo Roble 2016, although it may sound strange to you, is a wine under DO Rueda that is produced by Bodegas Cuatro Rayas. Single-seeded tempranillo, aged in barrels for only 3 months.

A wine that is actually a young wine with a defined passage through the wood that allows it to blend in with the fruit, leaving a youthful essence with some difficulty from aging.

This lady of Lake Tempranillo Roble leaves us for tasting in the visual phase a ruby ​​red color, very pure and bright in a standing glass, with a middle layer, leaving a certain purple sheen in a very young glass.

Dama del Lago Tempranillo Roble 2016 on the nose presents a lot of intensity, in part due to the passage through the barrels that heighten the aromas. Very crisp shades of red fruits and berries with a light vanilla background from barrels. Very well balanced.

It tastes like a fresh entry-level wine that leaves us with a smooth middle palate with lots of fruit, silky and velvety, where aging has been able to smooth out the possible acidity of the fruit, leaving the wine rather rounded, turning into taste.

In my opinion, now he deserves 90+ points.

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